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Monitor Calibration Wizard

Monitor Calibration Wizard is an easy-to-use tool for calibrating the colors displayed by your monitor. Most monitors have flaws, they may be too dark, too bright, or they may have a color tint like green or blue. All these problems can be easily fixed through Monitor Calibration Wizard.

Key features of Monitor Calibration Wizard:
  • It's free! Who can argue with that?
  • Easy wizard for creating color profiles for you monitor. The wizard takes you step-by-step through the process, providing help at every step.
  • Help for every screen. If you need on any screen, you can click on the icon to get a detailed description of what you can do on the current screen.
  • Support for an unlimited number of profiles. For people who use more than one monitor with their computer, you could create a custom profile for each monitor. The same goes for gaming. Many games are set in very dark environments where a brighter profile can help you see the campers sitting in the dark corners :)
  • A profile brightness adjustment is available at the end of the wizard to allow you to adjust the overall brightness of the color profile to match your needs.
  • Monitor Calibration Wizard can load a custom color profile when Windows starts so you never have to load your profile every time you start Windows.
  • Monitor Calibration Wizard provides a persistent profile option that enforces your profile to prevent other programs from changing the color profile Windows uses. This is especially important to gamers as most games will change the color profile Windows uses. This not only gives you a uniform look throughout your games, but also keep the profile after you exit any program that changes the color profile used by Windows.
  • Provided is a "fix" to override driver level color correction used by some software. This way you can still enjoy the benefits of Monitor Calibration Wizard even when running these programs.

Monitor Calibration Wizard 1.0
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